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Our partners
www.sheriff.mdThe main partner “Aquatir”, Ltd. is “Sheriff”, Ltd., that is the leader in spheres of trade, construction and many others in Pridnestrovie. This organization was founded in 1993, and during next 15 years develops its activities successfully in various trends of region industry. For the past years the company “Sheriff”, Ltd. constructed a number of large objects, the structures, called to promote development of principal trends of activity. The company bridged new business contacts to suppliers and partners from a number of the neighboring countries and foreign countries, such as Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Germany, the USA, Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Holland, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and many other. Billund Aquakultur Service ApS works out and realizes the project on building of a sturgeon complex “Aquatir”, Ltd. This company offers you more than 20 years experience in design and operation of intensive fish farms in fresh and salt water.

Project decisions are individually made for each customer. Billund Aquakultur Service ApS build full cycle fish breeding systems, using recirculated technologies (from the hard-roe incubation and larva reception to cultivation of market fish and mature fish).

Billund Aquakultur Service ApS have their own producing factory, where the newest equipment is tested and cultivation techniques are improved. A wide spectrum of knowledge in combination with friendly relations with the customers who are working in aquaculture sphere, are the basis for the future successful work in sphere of new factories building.

Billund Aquakultur Service ApS ïðåäëàãàåò offer their help in solving following tasks:
  1. Project working out
  2. Construction
  3. Training
  4. Commissioning
  5. Management

www.aquafuture.deOur German partner Aquafuture company exists more than 25 years. It collaborates with leading institutes and aquaculture scientists, it has contacts worldwide in fish-breeding branch and is engaged in a constant exchange of ideas and novelties at seminars devoted to the aquaculture problems. In professional work they render services in following branches:

  1. Aquaculture equipment
  2. Consultation services
  3. Fish breeding
  4. Know-how in RAS field

www.coppens.euOur Holland partner - the company that produces quality feeds for various fish species Coppens. Company produces fish feeds since 1926. Company specialists work out necessary feed diets for optimal growth and development of various fish species in all their stages of ontogenesis. Coppens International offers balanced and complete feed programs. Their production is exported in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

Coppens feeds are produced in one of the most modern feed mills in Europe, using the latest technologies. During the production every step is registered and controlled, from the intake of raw materials to the packaging of the final product.