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Small-sized fish
Small-sized fish
“Aquatir” Ltd. produces:

Cold smoked sprat TOR.67.18.37490266.002-2011

Cold smoked capelin TOR.67.18.37490266.002-2011

Cold smoked Baltic herring TOR.67.18.37490266.002-2011

Dried sprat TOR.67.18.37490266.002-2011

Dried capelin TOR.67.18.37490266.002-2011

Dried Baltic herring TOR.67.18.37490266.002-2011

Hot smoked sprat GOST 7447-97

Hot smoked capelin GOST 7447-97

Light-salted sprat GOST 28698-90

Light-salted capelin GOST 28698-90

Light-salted Baltic herring GOST 28698-90