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19 December 2011
We are just starting our way and there are many summits we still need to conquer, but we are proud that our first anniversary we meet with impressive bundle of achievements. Our labor is a precious contribution into the industry of our motherland – Transnistria. 
21 October 2011
The Second General Assembly of NACEE - Network of Aquaculture Centers in Central and Eastern Europe- was held on 17th-19th of October in Chisinau.  
7 September 2011
Aquatir” Ltd. increases caviar production by means of increasing the assortment. For today, besides sterlet caviar, we get also bester’s one.  
5 September 2011
One of the perspective lines of our activity is complex processing of raw materials and use of non-waste technologies. At the moment we produce the glue from air bladders of sturgeon fish species.

31 August 2011
Since the foundation of our company we strive for quality and safety of our production, basing on preferences of our consumers. Within the limits of the chosen strategy we held a large promo-action in the supermarkets « Sheriff », Tiraspol. It took place this year starting from August, 19th till August, 28th.

28 May 2011
The management of «Aquatir» Ltd. has always had high demands to quality of alimentary products. Technologists and experts of the enterprise produce fish products and caviar grounding on the corresponding standard documentation. However in contrast to the requirements to individual characteristics of a product which can...
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