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23 April 2009
State acceptance of Unit ¹2 sturgeon complex "Aquatir" was carried out on 17th of April, 2009. Unit ¹2 consist of broodstock forming and preliminary keeping unit, spawning unit and caviar processing unit.

24 November 2008
On 20-23rd of November “Moldexpo”, the leading exhibition center in Moldova, held the 5th International exhibition “CHEFS”.

International specialized exhibition CHEFS – 2008 was devoted to representation of technical and technological innovations for catering and trade enterprises.
2 October 2008
On 30th of September sturgeon complex was visited by delegation of scientific community from Russia and Moldova. The members of delegation were: Ion Toderash, academician of MSA, director of Zoology Institute MSA; Marin Usatyi, Doctor of biological science, chief of laboratory on ichthyology and aquaculture in Zoology Institute MSA; Mikhail Shatunovskii, Professor, Doctor of biological science
2 October 2008
In July 2008 a new unit for sturgeon fry growing was commissioned. It includes four shops: incubation shop, larvae growing shop, fry growing shop and Artemia shop.
1 October 2008
«Aquatir», Ltd. starts to prepare highly skilled specialists for sturgeon production. In June 2008 due to sponsor assistance of our main partner “Sheriff” ...
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