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30 December 2010
New Year's Eve is a hot time for sturgeon complex “Aquatir” – obtaining of caviar.

20 September 2010
Future Fish Eurasia 5th International Fair for Fish Imports/Exports, Processing, Aquaculture and Fisheries was organised at the Izmir International Fair Centre between 16 – 18 September 2010.
10 July 2010
Sturgeon complex implements Integrated Quality Management System ISO 22000. All three stages of studying were successfully passed. First stage was devoted to theoretical basis of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.
6 June 2010
“Aquatir” Ltd. participated in specialized exhibition INRIBPROM that was held from 3rd to 6th July in Saint-Petersburg. St. Petersburg is the traditional venue for the specialized fishery exhibition. All sections of the fishery sector from ship-building to fish processing were performed on the exhibition.
22 March 2010
The International specialized exhibition «EXPOFOOD - 2010» passed in the International Exhibition Center of Ukraine, Kiev which taken place in the frameworks of the Forth International Forum of Food Industry and Retail «UFIR-2010».
8 February 2010
6 of February was held summarizing and rewarding of winners in competition “Black gold of Pridnestrovie”. Works of all participants were represented for examination. First place in nominations “Best etiquette for caviar jar” and “Best box for caviar jar” was divided...

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