Photos of the complex
Breeded fish species
Russian sturgeon a valuable food fish of Caspian, Black and Azov sea basins.
Beluga - the largest among sturgeon fishes.
Sterlet - the smallest fish from sturgeon family.
Bester is a hybrid, the result of different variants of beluga and sterlet.
Company profile

About us

Aquatir Ltd. is a company representing a unique, large-scaled industrial complex on breeding sturgeon fishes.The main goal of the project is getting, processing and realization of black caviar and sturgeon fish species.
Achievements and applied biotechnologies

Using of recirculated systems

In recirculated system (RAS) for fish breeding, different fish species can be cultivated in totally controlled conditions and in any location. Technology is based on water regeneration in fish breeding system.
1 November 2013

On October 31st there was held tasting of our black caviar. The event took place in the restaurant Melanzh; Ruslan Kucherenko being chef cook possessing magic to turn products into delicious ideal of taste. 

21 October 2013
For two consecutive years now our enterprise takes part in the competition Pridnestrovian quality 2013.
9 October 2013
Aquatir Ltd. participated in the 7th Seafood Expo 2013 in Dubai together with representatives from more than 20 countries. This Expo is a business platform in the Middle East which brings together producers, buyers and sellers from all over the globe.
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