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We announce the start of a new online shop
24 June 2015
As mentioned in previous news, according to EU Commission decision 2014/472/EC from 16.07/2014 our company has got a permission to export our production (sturgeon caviar) in EU countries.   In this regard we announce the start of a new online shop by our partners, Aquatir Gmbh. "Aquatir" GmbH is located in Germany and specializes in sale of sturgeon caviar produce and packed by our company.  

The address of it is - . Information is provided in four languages, delivery is carried out both in Germany and abroad. Payment may be performed by wire transfer, MasterCard, VISA and American Express or by means of PayPal system.  

When purchasing black caviar from "Aquatir" GmbH at  online store/, you can be absolutely sure that you make a right choice and you buy the qualitative product that meets your expectations.