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New Year - time to give magical gifts!
11 January 2016
Winter holidays do not like useful presents. They are intended for other events and dates such as birthday or wedding anniversary.

Magic night, when the clock is ticking last moments of the year, and the whole world is waiting for a miracle to come ... In such moments one should present special gifts to their loved ones: a miracle, a fairy tale, a vibrant holiday experience.

To share the time of friendly care and to create the best memories for years to come managed to do our partner -the jewelry shop Aureola(Tiraspol).

From 01.12.2015 on 31.12.2015 there was held an unusually generous offer: if you purchase any piece of jewelry – you get a jar of natural black caviar for free!

Totally during this action there were given 150 tins of caviar !

We wish you prosperity and joy to all the happy owners of the New Year surprises, and to the other ones we wish luck. And… stay follow the new joint activities of " Aquatir " and the jewelry store " Aureola " !

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