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Aquatir set up a new partnership project.
7 September 2016
Last Saturday, sturgeon complex had a fascinating meeting with the workers and their families of jewelry brand ¹1 in Pridnestrovye - "Aureola 1" Ltd. The meeting was organized within the framework of improving the business partnership, staff training and mind developing experience. Communication took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our specialists conducted a tour through the sturgeon complex, told about the history and the basic activity directions of the company Aquatir, about its industrial, environmental and social importance for our region.
This meeting has allowed all the employees of the jewelry brand ¹1 in Pridnestrovye to see the unique and large-scale production from "inside" and to ask the management all the questions about the intricacies of growing sturgeon and production of ecologically pure natural black caviar.
The event of this kind was held for the first time, and we hope that in the future such a platform for meetings with regular partners will become a good tradition of our company.