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14 February 2017

Maslenitsa – is a fun farewell to winter, illuminated by a joyful expectation of a close heat and spring renewal of nature. This year the Maslenitsa will begin on 20 February and will end on 26 February.

The main attributes of the holiday is traditionally - Maslenitsa scarecrow, fun, sleigh rides, festivals, and of course, pancakes - round, ruddy, hot being a symbol of the sun, which is flared up brighter, lengthening days. Blinis are baked every day from Monday, but especially a lot - from Thursday to Sunday. This time is called the Generous Maslenitsa.

And of course we should not forget that the food at the Maslenitsa becomes the most important form of life. That is why people say that at this time it is necessary to have meal as many times as the dog wags its tail or as many times as a crow caws. Unlike many other holidays the Maslenitsa is gluttonized not only at home, in the family, but also often at guests. "Visitality" becomes an absolute end.

Well loved by everybody - blinis with caviar- symbolize the better the ancient belief: the richer and funnier one celebrates the Maslenitsa, the more prosperous and well-fed the coming year will be.