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14 February 2017

When you hear the Maslenitsa you imagine the pictures of cheerful winter days filled with the din and noise, the smells of delicious treats, ringing bells, adorned the elegant trio. Shining in the sun domes of churches, burning like fire, brass samovars, festivals, booths and stately tea under a festive twinkle little lamp in the images.

Many people dearly expect the Maslenitsa celebration traditions that are rooted deep into our history. Just as in the old days, this festival is met in a big way, with songs, dances and competitions. Our ancestors believed that those who are not having fun on the Maslenitsa, will live poorly and bleak the coming year. One can eat only dairy products, pancakes and fish on Maslenitsa.

The named fish we’ll discuss in more details. After all, our company produces more than 140 kinds of fish products, and each of you will easily be able to make the Maslenitsa menu to its own taste. Our range pleases with its diversity: Sturgeon live, chilled and frozen fish; Sturgeon jerky, hot and cold smoked; salted salmon and smoked; mackerel, herring, salted and smoked; sprat, capelin, salted, smoked and dried; a variety of hot-smoked fish, preserves and much more ...

And of course we should not forget that the food at the Maslenitsa becomes the most important form of life. That is why people say that at this time it is necessary to have meal as many times as the dog wags its tail or as many times as a crow caws. Unlike many other holidays the Maslenitsa is gluttonized not only at home, in the family, but also often at guests. "Visitality" becomes an absolute end.

Hurry to come up with a variety of recipes for delicious dishes based on our products for yourself, your relatives and all your friends!

This is why there exist holidays, aren’t they?