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"Aquatir" has launched online store
11 July 2017

Dear customers! We are pleased to inform you that the sturgeon complex "Aquatir" launched its online store at .On the website of our shop you can find information about the company, its history, the range and types of provided services.

The main product, which is presented to buyers, is pasteurized and non-pasteurized caviar of sturgeon species: Russian sturgeon, Sterlet and Bester. A distinctive feature of our caviar is the fact that we use only salt, without any preservatives for its production, making the product environmentally friendly and useful.

We appreciate the trust of our consumers, therefore we give on the website complete information on each product. With the help of Internet shop you can order your desired product, wherever you are. One of the main advantages of this website is the availability and completeness of the information about the selected product, and also convenience and simplicity in ordering and payment. You can pay for your purchase by cash after delivery, by transfer to a Bank account or by credit card.

For simplicity of communication and relationship with us in the website of our online shop there is a heading "question answer", but if the buyer needs to contact us, he can do it by phone or email, and our Manager-consultant will provide all necessary information.

Sturgeon complex "Aquatir" is perfect product quality and care about its customers. Welcome to the page of our online shop and we will try to fulfill the order as soon as possible.