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Buy Transnistrian!
A unique project is continuing. Buy Transnistrian, initiated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the TMR. Our company takes part in all the exhibitions and fairs that take place in all regions of our Republic. So, the events in Bender, Dnestrovsk, Slobodzeya, Kamenka and Grigoriopol have already been over.

In each of the listed cities we were waited with a warm meeting of our constant and new buyers! Let us express our gratitude to all of you for the highest evaluation of our work! We will continue to please you with the products you already loved, and we also promise you a lot of new products by the end of 2017. I'm sure you will like them.

To those who have not had the opportunity to visit the fairs, we remind that the next events will be held in Rybnitsa (October 21) and Dubossary (October 28).

Come by all means, fair prices will certainly please you!