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State acceptance of Unit ¹2 sturgeon complex
23 April 2009
State acceptance of Unit ¹2 sturgeon complex "Aquatir" was carried out on 17th of April, 2009. Unit ¹2 consist of broodstock forming and preliminary keeping unit, spawning unit and caviar processing unit. Commission consisted of Fire Inspection representative Eruslanov V., representative of Ministry of Ecology Vitt I., State Sanitarian Epidemiological Inspection Kushnir A., etc. To the commissioners opinion all the production sections of the Unit ¹2 correspond to the highest sanitarian-hygienic, ecological, fire safety and other requirements. Special attention was paid to caviar processing section. Acting head doctor of Sanitarian Epidemiological Station Kushnir A. expressed their approval to technical equipping of caviar processing unit. After certification procedure and evaluation of caviar unit production quality, black caviar would for the first time appear on the Prydnestrovian market.