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Beluga Caviar
21 February 2018
We are proud to inform you that our assortment increased with the most valuable delicacy - Caviar of Beluga.
Of all the sturgeons, the Beluga gives the most expensive kind of caviar. Beluga caviar is the largest, the most tender and smoky gray of all.
Beluga caviar produced by AQUATIR has a delicate, exclusively creamy nutty taste, with glossy selected eggs that are large in size 3-3.5 mm. The membrane surrounding the eggs is so thin that the caviar does not burst, but just gently melts in the mouth.
We represent you Beluga Caviar of Aquatir Ltd.pasteurized MALOSSOL and non-pasteurized CLASSIC packed in 10gr, 20gr, 28gr, 50gr, 100g, 250g, 500gr and 1000g tins/jars.