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Stocking of Dniester river with Russian sturgeon
16 September 2009
In result of fruitful collaboration Aquatir with Moldavian Zoology Institute it became possible to held action of Dniester stocking with Russian sturgeon fry to make replenishment of its' natural population. 16th of September 2009 Russian sturgeon fry grown by Aquatir forces was released in area of Dubossar Hydropower station. This fish species are registered in International Red book. Before releasing in nature Russian sturgeon was in the same temperature and water chemistry conditions as in the river Dniester. Feeding of fry was performed taking into consideration its' natural nutritional necessities. This project is unique as such actions didn't have place for more than 20 years. Also cooperation of Moldavian services together with Transnistrian in spite of political controversies is very important fact. Transportation of fish from fish farm to the place of releasing was performed by special transport belonging to Aquatir, where particular temperature and oxygen level were controlled constantly. Special International Commission controlled process of stocking, it consisted of Transnistrian and Moldavian representatives and also representative of International ecological organization CITES.