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We are in the list of companies having a permission for export in Ukraine
8 February 2010
In November 2009 our fish farm was inspected by veterinary service of Ukraine. On application of transnistrian veterinary, representatives of Odessa regional service of the state veterinary control on frontier and transport M. Griva and V. Krepostnoi were sent for examination of epizootic situation and inspection of “Aquatir”, Ltd.

Ukrainian veterinarians pointed out high technological level of production and professional trend to the process of sturgeon breeding in recirculated system. On the basis of prepared documents and examination of production special report was made to the Head of State Committee of veterinarian medicine Ukraine Verbitzkii P. After studying of represented documents, “Aquatir”, Ltd. was put into the list of companies having the right of export in Ukraine, by special order of P. Verbizkii.