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Implementation of Integrated Quality Management System
10 July 2010
Sturgeon complex implements Integrated Quality Management System ISO 22000. All three stages of studying were successfully passed. First stage was devoted to theoretical basis of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, also to creating and implementing the system of documentation.

The second stage was more specialized and core and related to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). On this stage special attention was paid to critical control points, by means of which all kinds of risk dangerous for human health, connected with alimentary products consumption, can be prevented, disposed and decreased to acceptable level as a result of purposeful measures of control. To implement HACCP system it is necessary not only investigate its own products and methods of production, but also use this system with suppliers of raw materials and auxiliary materials, in wholesale and retail trade.

The third, final stage of studying was held from 5th to 10th July, 2010. This stage was aimed to teach particular workers of sturgeon complex the technology of inner audits on “Aquatir”, Ltd. Inner quality audits are oriented on finding discrepancies in Quality Management System, and reasons of their appearance. During audit it becomes obvious how the system is implemented on the enterprise, if the system works correctly and if the system helps to reach the aims of organization. The main result that audit has – is determination of possibilities for improving of enterprise work.

After all stages of studying were passed the preparation time for certification audit started. The audit is planned for October, 2010. Considerable work is already done, but a lot of work still had to be done by workers of “Aquatir”, Ltd. to reach long-expected aim and successful implementation of Integrated Quality Management System.