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5th International Fair for Fish in Izmir «Future Fish Eurasia»
20 September 2010
Future Fish Eurasia 5th International Fair for Fish Imports/Exports, Processing, Aquaculture and Fisheries was organised at the Izmir International Fair Centre between 16 – 18 September 2010. As Turkey’s only fair for fish processing, aquaculture & fisheries, Future Fish Eurasia has proven its international success and is marked in the agendas of local and international trade professionals as the most effective fair in the region.

Eurasia Trade Fairs has successfully organised Future Fish Eurasia in Istanbul since 2005. Taking into account the decisive view and demand of the industry, Eurasia Trade Fairs has decided to organise Future Fish Eurasia 2010 in Izmir. And now to further its success will organise the Fair in Izmir every year. Future Fish Eurasia is organised under the sponsorship of The Turkish Fisheries Foundation (SUFED), Aegean Exporters Union, Fish Promotion Group and with the full support of all industry associations, universities and leading companies. Future Fish Eurasia 2010 displayed the latest, innovative products and services all under one roof in Izmir. Aiming to thrive the Turkish fisheries industry forward, Future Fish Eurasia will be a locomotive in brand development, provide an opportunity to penetrate international markets and influence local consumption of fisheries products.

Approximately 300 local and international exhibitors displayed their latest products and services forming a great marketing opportunity that suppliers should not miss. Trends of exhibitors were: fish farming systems, hatcheries, nets, boats, laboratory equipment, oxygenation, seafood producers, seafood exporters/importers, food safety and hygiene equipment, fish processing machinery & equipment, cold storage and shock systems, ice machines, quality control equipment, fish breeders local and from abroad. “Aquatir”, Ltd. was the only one company on post soviet space who presented its technologies and production on the exhibition.

There are no sturgeon fish farms on the territory of Turkey. But restocking of sturgeon population in Black Sea is national project and is supported by government. So fingerlings and fertilized eggs that can be produced by “Aquatir”, Ltd. is subject of great interest for Turkish government. “Aquatir” booth was visited by local government representatives, specifically by Izmir governor. Local Turkish television made a reportage about sturgeon complex and modern technologies implementation in field of sturgeon breeding. “Aquatir” made degustation of its products: black caviar, smoked bester, Russian sturgeon and beluga. Taste and quality were highly evaluated by potential customers from Turkey and probably some profitable contracts will be signed in the nearest future.