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Sterlet fry birth on sturgeon complex
1 February 2011
One more important event happened on sturgeon complex on Christmas Eve. Besides obtaining caviar, fish breeders made incubation of aquaculture sterlet caviar to get healthy and viable posterity. Fish breeders of different industrial aquaculture fishfarms work on solution of this task. It is not so easy to get positive results in this field, as the fish breeded and matured in aquaculture differs from its nature relatives. But there is nothing impossible, using professional skills and modern technologies it became real to get healthy posterity of aquaculture sterlet. Without a miracle hasn't managed, as larva hatching was going on Christmas night. Now fry is fed actively, grows and flesh up. Of course, long period of time should pass before the fry get stronger, but we will trust in the best and make all efforts to provide optimal conditions for fry growth and evolution.