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Introduction in operation of fish and caviar processing plant
4 February 2011
On January, 14th, 2011 there has passed the State quality control of processing plant company "Aquatir", Ltd.

The given unit is intended for the final stage of all production cycle: cultivation, processing sturgeon kinds of fishes. Infrastrucure and industrial communications of the plant were developed together with experts from Turkey, according to the European and Russian standards. Fish processing plant consists of the second caviar unit and fish processing unit. The work cycle of fish processing unit provides presence of four technological lines of production: a line on production of cooled fish, a line on production of frozen fish, a line on production of salty fish and tinned fish, a line on production of hot and cold smoked fish. In caviar production traditional technology is used, it allows to develop granular pasteurized, non pasteurized and pressed caviar. Caviar production is packed both in glass, and into tin caviar jars, capacity from 50 to 500 gram. The representative of territorial body State sanitarian control, representative of territorial body of state fire supervision, representative of state inspection of ecological control, and also representatives of other bodies of the state and departmental supervision have entered into a certifying commission. To the opinion of committee members industrial premises of processing plant correspond to the highest sanitary-and-hygienic veterinary, ecological and other requirements. The factory also has been certified by Transnistrian and Moldavian veterinary surgeons on observance of all veterinary-sanitary requirements for food productions, both Transnistrian region, and republic of Moldova. They consider that processing plant is completely ready to work and is equipped by all necessary for production of the highest quality.