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Large promo-action held in the supermarkets
31 August 2011
Since the foundation of our company we strive for quality and safety of our production, basing on preferences of our consumers. Within the limits of the chosen strategy we held a large promo-action in the supermarkets « Sheriff », Tiraspol. It took place this year starting from August, 19th till August, 28th. The sampling was performed on weekdays and the days off, in evening and day time, respectively. Each visitor of the supermarket was able to taste our production: slices of fillet and snacks for beer made from cold smoked sturgeon fish, cold smoked mackerel, herring, jack mackerel, capelin and sprat, the same as salted mackerel, herring, sprat, and also the fillet of herring in assortment.

For the first time we presented the hot smoking production made according to the state standard of the Soviet Union.

At the same time we held the questionnaire poll in order that we could learn the opinion of our customers concerning our production and the work we do. The results of the poll surpassed our expectations; all wishes of consumers will be taken into account. Particularly, the much adored smoke-cured production can be found in the supermarkets "Sheriff" this September.