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"Aquatir" Ltd. develops technologies based on complex processing of raw materials.
5 September 2011
One of the perspective lines of our activity is complex processing of raw materials and use of non-waste technologies. So, we produce the glue from air bladders of sturgeon fish species.

Sturgeon glue - transparent with an easy nacreous reflection - is considered the best and the most valuable among glues of animal origin. Indigenously, it is produced manually.

People often, by mistake, name sturgeon glue as fish glue. Actually these are two different kinds of joiner's glue, though also very similar by origin. Sturgeon glue differs from fish one being more elastic and "strong" therefore it fastens surfaces much better. The ancestors differentiated «sturgeon glue» and «fish glue», having given the sturgeon one its proper name – «karluk». The sturgeon glue is produced from an inside layer of the air bladders of sturgeon fish.
Glue is to be used at 20° Ñ — one more basic advantage over bone and leather glues that need heating. Besides, thanks to its elasticity it easy sticks together materials of different rigidity. This kind of glue is applied in the woodworking, textile industry, winemaking, at restoration of unique furniture, incrustation, gilding, paintings, iconography, etc.