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"Aquatir" Ltd. increases caviar production.
7 September 2011
“Aquatir” Ltd. increases caviar production by means of increasing the assortment. For today, besides sterlet caviar, we get also bester’s one.

Bester caviar contains a full set of irreplaceable and replaceable amino acids, is characterized by the high maintenance of monononsaturated and polynonsaturated fat acids, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, Å and, possesses the excellent quality, rich taste and certainly high food value.

The same as the sterlet caviar, bester caviar varies depending on rating degree - Golden mark and Silver Mark, and also depending on the way of preservation - not pasteurized, that passed minimum processing – salting, and pasteurized, that passed thermal processing which allows prolonging microbiological safety of caviar within 8 months.

Caviar is packed into glass jars of 28 g., 50 g., 100 g., tins of 250 g., 500 g., 1000 g., and in crystal jars of 50 g..