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"Aquatir"Ltd. became a member of of NACEE - Network of Aquaculture Centers in Central and Eastern Europe.
21 October 2011

The Second General Assembly of NACEE - Network of Aquaculture Centers in Central and Eastern Europe- was held on 17th-19th of October in Chisinau.  

The Network is a voluntary association of Central and Eastern European aquaculture institutions, in which all members maintain their full independence. Activities are coordinated by the Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation (HAKI) of Hungary. Members inform the coordinator about all events, which may count for the interest of other members. The coordinator then distributes the information among the members of the Network. The coordinator also disseminates major information from European organisations and institutions, which may be relevant for members of the Network. The directors of the Network meet once a year in different member countries. The goals of NACEE are to exchange information among members (within the region), to facilitate the transfer of information relevant to aquaculture development of the region, to exchange scientists with special regard to young ones, to initiate joint research and training programs, to facilitate efforts aiming at the better involvement of CEE institutions in European-level aquaculture development programs, to assist the organization of regional aquaculture meetings and conferences, to facilitate the improvement of partnership between science and practice, with special regard to SMEs and producers associations, to enhance the capacity of CEE institutions to be able to initiate and run regional aquaculture development projects supported by the EU, FAO and other international organizations, to develop collaboration between the "Network" and other regional networks/organizations with special regard to NACA (Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia-Pacific).

Representatives of Aquatir joined the numerous members of the meeting that came from different institutes of Central and Eastern Europe and CIS. One of the main idea of the Assembly was to establish Technical Advisory Committee of NACEE which is to play a key role in choosing and coordinating the scientific work of NACEE. Besides that NACEE adopted new members- Aquatir was one of them.

On the 18th of October there was held an excursion to sturgeon complex Aquatir. Our guests had a possibility to visit modules for broodstock, incubation and fry units and to appreciate our potential. The day ended with the discussion at a circular table. Everyone was exhausted but excited.