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Sturgeon complex accomplished 5 years!
19 December 2011

  Sturgeon complex accomplished 5 years!

We are just starting our way and there are many summits we still need to conquer, but we are proud that our first anniversary we meet with impressive bundle of achievements. Our labor is a precious contribution into the industry of our motherland Transnistria.  

During 5 years we built and set in operation 6 modules for broodstock, incubation and fry units - type of recirculated systems having total volume of 18 thousand cube meters. We bred 335 tones of commodity fish, set up several broodstocks of sturgeon fish species, including sterlet, Russian sturgeon, bester and the biggest stock of beluga in Europe. Twice a year, thanks to RES technology, we get reproductive products not only of food quality but also of fish cultural quality, so we can regularly replenish broodstocks.

A year ago we set in operation processing plant, the work cycle of which provides production of cooled, frozen, salty and tinned fish, hot and cold smoked fish, and pasteurized, non-pasteurized and pressed caviar according to Russian caviar traditions. Weve processed about 180 tones of sturgeon fish and fish of other species; and we produced 1.2 tones of natural caviar of sterlet and bester. As a part of the concept of complex processing of raw materials and use of non-waste technologies we produce the most valuable glue from air bladders of sturgeon fish species.

Due to the diversification of our assortment, complexification of work cycle and market development, our enterprise adopted quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005. In compliance with this, in order to provide the control over the safety of production, we are setting in operation a modernized operational laboratory.

  Our stable development, quality of production, business integrity, and client orientation provide increasing number of business partners that aim at long term cooperation. We developed such markets as of the Ukraine, Moldova, the USA and others.

Besides fruitful work in the principal activity, our company takes part in scientific and cultural life of the native region and of the European community in the field of the surgeon breeding and intensification of the innovative projects. So, our enterprise formed a part of NACEE- Network of Aquaculture Centers in Central and Eastern Europe ; in cooperation with international organization CITES and Moldavian representatives took part in restocking of Dniester River.

The number of employees has reached 100 of high qualified specialists. We established contacts with various universities and institutes so that our employees could improve their skill level, study and practice in these institutes. The average age of the personnel of Aquatir Ltd. is only 28! We are young, active, hard-working and determined to reach our goals.  

But our most precious achievement is the trust of our consumers!  

We congratulate from the bottom of our hearts the friendly team of Aquatir Ltd., our business partners and our consumers with the 5th anniversary of sturgeon complex!  

May 2012 bring everyone prosperity, achievements, progress and luck!

See the New Year in with Aquatir!