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Happy Fisherman's Day
9 July 2012
Fisherman's Day - is a professional holiday of all fishers that is traditionally celebrated in the heat of summer, on the second Sunday of July.
This day fishers from various places gather on coasts of the rivers, lakes and other reservoirs to get pleasure from hazardous rest.

We set a good tradition at our enterprise – to fish together, to distract from everyday rush by the water and simply to have a good time in the amicable company.
The 8th of July this year was not exception. Early in the morning in an anticipation of excellent rest we gathered at water. Day promised to be solar and each of us looked for a "fishy" place where water is transparent, living creatures are playful and kilo perches chase small ones right at our feet. When the coast was safely divided among us, it started – the concentrated expectation... The catch didn't keep us waiting for long, and corfs of fishermen got filled soon. Who's ever been fishing - he knows, what a happiness it is– to fish!
When the sun was high, we turned off fishing tackles, a delicious fishsoup being cooked on coals, a soup from the fish we caught ourselves.

We congratulate all who devotes his life to romantic and difficult mission of fish breeding and fishery, and also everybody for whom fishing — is a sport, a hobby, a special state of mind, a way of merge to the nature.