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Feeds and feeding of fish


«You are what you eat»

As fish is a link in a food chain, a product of consumption of the human, naturally it is important to know what this fish presents, and accordingly, how it was feeded.

Feeding of fish is one of the most important components in process of sturgeon breeding. On «Aquatir» Ltd, feeding of the breeded fish is carried out with special granule feed, made by COPPENS company (Netherlands) with use of the advanced technology that allows to improve the capacity of the complex and to reach planned targets. Thus, the quality of produced goods corresponds to the highest requirements of the European standards.
At early stages of fish life the special sturgeon fry feed with raised content of protein is applied. This feed is highly digestible that promotes fast growth of sturgeon fry.

Feeding of large fish species is carried out with special fish feed of the prime quality intended for professional cultivation of a sturgeon with raised content of fish flour. The feed diet is made of the best components, such as excellent quality of a fish flour, vegetative protein, cod-liver oil and blood products. Feed equation is reached by an optimal combination of fiber and fat, amino acids and fat acids. The feed contains all necessary vitamins and microelements for the best health of a sturgeon.


The feeding of fish is performed automatically by means of automatic feeders Arvo-Tec (Finland). The system of automatic feeding Arvo-Tec has been developed on the basis of 15-years experience of feeding by means of the computerized feeders. For feed dozing the system uses as initial such data as temperature and oxygen level, fish species, their quantity and average weight. Then the mathematical model of energy demand on the basis of the entered data calculates the feeding level.As practice shows, the system of automatic feeding is enough productive and is an integral part of any modern complex on industrial breeding of all fish species.