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«Aquatir» Ltd got the caviar of Russian sturgeon!
5 November 2012

“Aquatir” LTD enlarges variety of caviar. At the moment, besides sterlet and bester caviar, we also produce caviar of Russian sturgeon.

Firm, of average size, from brown to gray, sometimes golden, with soft taste – these are the main characteristics of sturgeon caviar. If you haven’t ever tasted black caviar, this one will be the best for the first tasting.

We offer most demanded and valuable type of caviar of highest standards: mild-salted pasteurized packed in glass jars by net weight of 100 gr. It is premium class caviar which should be stored at temperature from a minus 2 0Ñ to a minus 4 0Ñ .

You can buy this caviar directly from our farm having previously phoned to department of trade. +37353330095.