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2012 in review
25 February 2013
The past year was not easy but very productive for our company.
* We were recognized as the winner in the nomination "Food industry" and received an honorary title "The leader of small business-2011", a cup and the special certificate, granting the privilege to use state support within the State program of development and support of business in Pridnestrovye.
* During an audit inspection confirmed compliance of quality management system that is proved by the official report and the Certificate for the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005.
* For the first time we got caviar of the Russian sturgeon.  So if you haven’t ever tasted black caviar, this one will be the best for the first tasting.
* For the first time we got reproductive products of beluga males of high quality that is an indicator of soon maturing of beluga females too.
* We carried out a series of samplings by test that accompanied the issue of new products in supermarkets of Tiraspol and Bendery. At the same time our employees tried to reveal customers’ preferences and to reflect all recommendations while polling.
* We became a winner in «Pridnestrovian quality 2012» in three nominations:  in the category «Best manager of quality» we nominated our deputy director on manufacture and science, Ph.D. Kasaeva Svetlana; in «The Innovative project» - Full cycle complex on manufacture and realization of sturgeon fish species and its caviar; in «Fishery» we presented preserves in assortment, mackerel of cold smoking, fish of hot smoking in assortment, salt herring and spice salt herring.
* The operational laboratory of “Aquatir” Ltd. passed certification and received the Certificate of accreditation that will allow to improve internal production control and to accelerate the process of confirmation the quality of ready-made product.
* The number of business partners signing long-term contracts, showed a growth of  110% over 2011.
* The assortment increased 130% in comparison with 2011. The latest novelty of 2012 became assorted fish from delicious species (TOR.67.37490266.003-2012 "Balyk. Allsorts from fillet slices of cold smoked sturgeon and salmon fish species").
* Product output in natural expression showed a growth of  100% over 2011.
* The volume of realized production in natural expression showed a growth of  140% over 2011.
* Sales income showed a growth of  78% over 2011.
Thus, all strategic plans of the company for 2012 were successfully realized.
In coming year we plan to expand into new markets, increase number of foreign partners, to participate in international exhibitions in Ukraine, Europe, in the Middle East. And certainly, as always, we will keep on output strengthening, product diversification, constant control and improvement of  product quality and manufacture methods.