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Results of 2013!
14 February 2014
Last year was rather productive for our enterprise.

* During an audit inspection confirmed compliance of quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005.

* «Aquatir» Ltd. participated in the 7th international exhibition of Seafood in Dubai.   This Expo is a business platform in the Middle East which brings together producers, buyers and sellers from all over the globe.

* We held tasting of our black caviar production at Melanzh restaurant, Kiev. Only professionals of restaurant business and culinary art participated in the event, and also the director of the company "Oceanapolis", engaged in sales of unique seafood and being the official representative of  «Aquatir» Ltd. in the Ukraine. Everybody showed live interest and try caviar samples. Guests learned a lot about grades of black caviar, production technology, standards, storage conditions, flavor qualities, etc.

* «Aquatir» Ltd. became the winner of competition in two categories. In the nomination "Food products"- salt anchovy, frozen sterlet and caviar of sturgeon fish species in assortment were noted. In the nomination "The Best Goods of 2013" - the salt salmon was presented and awarded. It should be noted that it is an additional competition which was organized for the first time this year; winners were chosen by consumers’ vote.

* The construction is finished and there began a trial operation of the new fish-breeding module intended for keeping the females of sturgeon fish species at the third or fourth stage of maturity.

* The production laboratory of «Aquatir» Ltd. received the Certificate of accreditation, and also Epidemiological Inspection Report approving the right to carry out sanitary and bacteriological researches with microorganisms of III and the IV groups of pathogenicity.

* Representatives of the company participated in a seminar "System of management of safety of food production according to ISO/TS 22002-1 standard requirements, the FSSC scheme of certification.

* Within a year we got 33,7% more of caviar of sturgeon fish species, than in 2012.   Data include caviar of the Russian sturgeon, sterlet and bester.

* The assortment increased with the introduction of light salted sprat, dried pigfish, a hake of cold smoking production and became equal to 107.

* The number of business partners signing long-term contracts, showed a growth of  35% over 2012.

*  Product output in natural expression showed a growth of  30% over 2012.

* The volume of realized production in natural expression showed a growth of  11% over 2012.

* Sales income showed a growth of  17% over 2012.

Thus, almost all strategic plans for 2013 were successfully realized.