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Nausica Cardone Strip Integrale


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:c:`col_get_ref()` . Cell link copied. Copy / Paste. Waste Management Inc.’s (WMI) $WMI may be an undervalued public company. Here are six ways WMI might trade even lower today. Waste Management Inc.’s stock may be one of the best investments you can make right now. Since July 15, 2017, WMI stock has tacked on 15. The question is: Do you have enough information to trade that strategy? The big problems with this strategy are that it is very inconsistent and that it has an exceptionally high losing potential. Despite such flaws, I think WMI stock is a better bet than most other public companies. Whether WMI stock goes higher or lower. When WMI stock declines, it tends to plunge. This means that WMI is currently in a downtrend. If we assume that the past is a guide to the future, WMI is probably going to trade lower over the next few months. I expect WMI to continue trading lower over the next few months. However, I think that WMI stock will eventually trade higher. To me, WMI looks like a good stock to own. Here are six reasons why I think WMI stock is a good bet today. 1. We are in the midst of a trade war. If you look at WMI’s current earnings-per-share (EPS) estimate of $5.49, WMI looks cheap. However, WMI’s valuation looks expensive when we compare it to its cash flow. This means that WMI stock’s discount rate is higher than its fair value. WMI has an EV/FCF of 0.91. This means that WMI stock’s discount rate is 8.9% higher than its fair value. A valuation higher than fair value is an indication that WMI stock is undervalued. When WMI stock trades lower, it tends to trade in line with its current valuation. If the trade war drags on, then WMI’s valuation will become even more expensive. WMI’s valuation might move higher when the trade war ends. WMI’s fair value is its EV/FCF, which is the



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Nausica Cardone Strip Integrale

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